Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT)

UCR College of Engineering

In 1992, the Bourns College of Engineering established the Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT) as a model for partnerships among industry, government, and academia. CE-CERT's goals were to become a recognized leader in environmental education, a collaborator with industry and government to improve the technical basis for regulations and policy, a creative source of new technology, and a contributor to a better understanding of the environment.

A critical role of any university is to explore pressing questions, identify new challenges, and to structure a framework for finding the answers to both. At CE-CERT, we approach this role as a bridge between research and education. As part of the University of California, Riverside, CE-CERT is committed to furthering education and research for the next generation of engineers. Our students not only receive an excellent education, but unprecedented opportunities to be intimately involved in the research enterprise. Maintaining a broad-based industry network requires that research at the Center remains on the cutting edge of technology.

CE-CERT is a place of learning, a place for examining what has often been taken for granted, and a place for searching for solutions to some of the world's more vexing environmental problems. Whether you are a prospective student, industry partner, or someone who is interested in improving our environment, we invite you to explore what CE-CERT has to offer.

On the day of the STEP conference, we will be conducting guided tours of the CE-CERT facility for high school aged students. If you are interested in touring the facility, please complete a CE-CERT registration form below. Please note, we have to keep the tour group sizes small, so the total number of students we can accomodate is small.

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